Approved by the Board of Education, January 25, 1995

Citizens' Construction Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Citizen's Construction Program Advisory Committee is to assist the Superintendent and the School Board in monitoring the progress of construction projects and the expenditure of construction funds and other matters referred by the Board of Education. The committee will:

• Review construction plans, projected and actual expenditures and fund acquisitions on an annual basis and produce a public report containing the results of such review on or before November 30 th of each year.

• Review construction program plans and expenditures and report to the Superintendent on a quarterly basis whether construction expenditures are consistent with the annual plan and whether projects are proceeding as planned.

• Review any major change in anticipated costs or nature of projects previously reviewed by the committee and approved by the Board. (Example: substitution of state-funded, fast track projects.)

• Meet monthly during the school year, and during the summer as needed, to review ongoing projects.

• Advise the Superintendent and the School Board of any concerns with regard to its expenditures or progress of Measure A fund projects; meet at least annually with the School Board to present its annual report