BUSD Building Program - CM Firms
History to 2000 (Dates may be slightly off)

1987 Wayne Miller hired to be an architect/planner through BSEP funds. Wayne hired some draftspeople to assist him.
1988 McClure mangement hired to provide CM services for BSEP and fire code projects.
1989 Lew Jones hired (in-house CM). Decision partly to move towards in-house model, partly because access settlement work ($750,000/year) was added to the mix.
1991 Additional internal CM hired (Bob Rudometkin.) Wayne Miller left the District at about this time. McClure Management's role reduced to Whittier portable project only.
1992 Bond passed. District increased its internal CM services (Steve Ng, Kenneth Holder, Jourdan Arcilla, Bruce Ferguson.)
1993 BUSD hired HKIT to help scope, plan and schedule projects.
1993 BUSD hired Vanir/Don Todd to help augment BUSD staff. First large assignment was Whittier School.
1994 Arturo Taboada hired to run the program. (Superintendent Lavonia.) Arturo resigns later in the year.
1995 Steve Wood hired through Vanir and later as a District employee to help maintenance and construction efforts. (Superintendent Jack.)
1995 BUSD negotiates a long term agreement with Vanir/Don Todd on a project by project basis. Assigned were Cragmont, Malcolm X, Longfellow and Columbus. Several internal BUSD emmployees left at about this time. (Steve Ng, Kenneth Holder.)
1996 Vanir/Don Todd get Thousand Oaks (Furguson leaving.)
1997 BUSD recruits unsuccessfully for internal CM's.
1998 Vanir/Don Todd get Emerson and John Muir. Steve Wood leaves the District.
2000 BUSD hires URS.