One of a set of documents generated by this committee. There are also plans, available if desired. This series of meetings was terminated without yielding any "product" such as a planning document. The effective outcome was the decision by Jack McLaughlin to pursue another bond in order to finance the rehab of the Old Gym. The AA bond campaign got rolling with a meeting of McLaughlin's "cabinet" and a couple of citizens on November 9, 1999.
Notes #1 From the 1999 BHS South Campus Site Committee
DATE:           4/6/99
TO:                South Campus Site Committee
FROM:         Kerry O'Banion, ELS Architects
SUBJECT:    Workshop #1
MEETING DATE:   3/31/99
ATTENDING:    Theresa Saunders - Principal,  Mia Gittlen - Youth Commission,  Mary Lee Carey - Physical Education, Fred Dunn-Ruiz - Vice Principal, Lloyd Lee - Parent/Community, Judson Owens - Campus Facilities, Ted Schultz - School Board, Terry Bloomsburgh - PTA, Susan Ryan - Custodial, Lew Jones - District Facilities, Joe Martin - Athletic Director, David Hruka - ELS Architect

Kerry O'Banion of ELS presented an overview of the existing campus and the new Milvia St. buildings now in design, and described the scope and sequence of the South Campus Master Plan (exhibit A - not included here). He also presented the results of several workshops with the Pool Users' Group: a set of improvement options for the pools facility (exhibit B - not included here.) These options represent the goals of one stakeholder group, and were developed with the understanding the final master plan would represent a consensus of all stakeholders.

Kerry then explained the purpose of this first workshop was to "brainstorm" with the group about problems, potentials, and umet needs in the south campus, and invited the group to contribute their ideas.

Campus Layout

Physical Education
"Next Steps"

Kerry explained the next step in the process would be to conduct 4-6 interviews or focus groups to gain a more in-depth understanding of the needs of key stakeholder groups. The pool users' focus group has already been conducted. Other potential subjects suggested by the Committee include:
Berkeley Architectural Heritage Assn Neighborhood Assn (MAGMA - Mia to contact)
Student Groups (Theresa to suggest) Student teams (Theresa/Joe to suggest)
City of Berkeley (Michael Caplan for traffic) Berkeley YMCA
BUSD Superintendent Vista College
Facility permit users (youth leagues, etc) UC athletics
(Note that minutes from several of these focus groups are available; can be posted on request.)

Information procurement by  Citizens' Contruction Advisory Committee