BHS Old Gym Rennovation
Architectural Pre-Programming Committee

Minutes, Meeting #1   Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Facilitator Anticipated   The District has agreed to hire a facilitator to run the remainder of these meetings. An outside expert will help us make the best use of our time and cover all the bases, in terms of soliciting input and identifying priorities.

Fate of the B-building: Still Unknown    Dan Eggan is the District's senior project manager for the Milvia Street Building (under construction), for the Old Gym Rennovation, and for the insurance settlement on the B-building. A consultant to the District, he is acting in these capacities in the absence of Lew Jones.  Dan briefly described the current situation regarding the B-building.  The District has a deadline of March 31 to declare whether it will repair or raze the B-building. This deadline is in the construction contract for the Milvia Street building.  In short, there are two different variations in the design of the Milvia Street building between which the District must choose. The choice depends upon whether the B-building stays or goes. The District is trying to gain a little more time to decide because the insurance settlement has not not concluded. The dollars available from insurance are an important consideration.

Some at the meeting expressed dismay at not being in on this decision. Dan explained that because so much money is at stake, the dollars may make it a lop-sided choice.

Relative size of the Old Gym     B-building contains 56,000 SF.  The Old Gym has about 60,000 SF which could easily be expanded to 80,000 by double decking some (not all) courts.

Requests for Information   We began the meeting by stepping through the plan of the Milvia Street building now under construction, enumerating the functions it will contain. We viewed the plan for the B-building under the scenario that it is rennovated rather than demolished.

The staff asked that a rough square footage inventory of the high school buildings be distributed to the committee prior to next meeting. (Jim H. and staff are assembling this.)

The student representative requested a good-faith effort to keep students informed about these discussions.

List:  Design "Mistakes" to Avoid in this Project
1.    Maintainability: Don't repeat the HVAC control design; it's beyond the ability of the BUSD staff to operate.
2.    Maintainability: Don't install electric toilets (unless the District has the maintenance capacity they require.)
3.    Use: The acoustics in many G&H rooms are poor, with too much echo.
4.    Use: Too much space in G&H is specialized, making it of too-limited use.
5.    Inadequate supply storage.

List: Uses the Old Gym MAY Contain    Though it's early to begin "carving up" the building, it was natural to begin the list.of possible uses.
1.  Physical Education functions 10.  "Leadership" Room
2.  Administration functions 11.  Computerized book room
3.  Health Center 12.  Supply storage (a vital need omitted by the entire prior building program)
4.  Classrooms (preferably, NICE classrooms.) 13.  Tool and Maintenance storage
5.  Testing space/ large multi-purpose space. 14.  Vocational Ed space
6.  Computer science/ computer repair/ computer programming space. 15.  Adaptive P.E.
7.  GENERIC SPACES, which can be used for many functions. 16.  Varsity Locker space
8.  Language Lab 17.  Pool Access (compliance will consume space)
9.  Receiving facility which can handle big trucks 18.  Maintenance functions

List: Whole-Campus Needs
1.    Interconnection of serveillance, P.A. and Intercom between buildings, throughout campus.
2.    Improved traffic patterns between buildings
3.    More open space

These minutes by Bruce Wicinas and James Hallam,  Citizens' Contruction Advisory Committee,