BHS Inventory of Building Space, Existing and Under Construction
Source is an old (early '90's) filing with the state,
and BUSD Facilities Construction Plan 1999.
A Building (Theaters and performing arts; 1949)  Basement 39000 sf  
A Building, 1st Floor 40500 sf  
A Building, 2nd Floor 25930 sf  
A Building, 3rd Floor 7000 sf Total 112,430 sf
B Building ('64), 1st Floor
(Even if B is retained, a portion of level 1 will be removed to accommodate the new Milvia St. building)
(before alteration)
28370 sf
B Building, 2nd Floor 27790 sf Total 56,160 sf
C Building, 1st Floor 19860 sf  
C Building, 2nd Floor 20650 sf  
C Building, 3rd Floor 19920 sf  
C Building, 4th Floor 4900 sf  
C Building, Basement 39000 sf Total 104,330 sf
G Building ('38), 1st Floor 28120 sf  
G Building, 2nd Floor 28220 sf  
G Building, Basement 600 sf Total 56,940 sf
H Building ('39), 1st Floor 24720 sf  
H Building, 2nd Floor 25900 sf  
H Building, 3rd Floor 8590 sf Total 59,210 sf
Donahue ('79) 19065 sf Total 19,065 sf
"Old Gym" 1st Floor
Includes warm water pools (10,200 sf)
50890 sf  
"Old Gym" 2nd Floor 35580 sf Total 86,470 sf
Milvia St (under const)
North of Bancroft 
student union 10,000
central administration 11,000
library/media center 12,000
classrooms and flex areas 7,000
about 40,000 sf  
Milvia St (under const)
South of Bancroft
Two gymnasiums 12,000
showers and lockers 7,000
new pool 10,000
dance and flex space 7,500
 about 36,500 sf  Total 76,500 sf
Much more detail is available upon request.

Information procurement by  Citizens' Contruction Advisory Committee